Masonry and Waterproofing

A masonry contractor can help you add both visual appeal and value to your home. They can build a brick patio, walkway, driveway or retaining wall for you.

Paving & Masonry

Masonry techniques are used in the construction of many buildings, from small homes and garages to multi-story apartment blocks and public buildings like courthouses and schools. They are also commonly used to build patios, walkways and garden walls as well as fireplaces and chimneys. Masonry work can be incredibly durable, but it is also subject to wear and tear, and it will require repair from time to time.

Most masonry jobs are done by professionals, as they often involve the use of heavy materials and specialized tools. However, there are a number of masonry tasks that even a home improvement enthusiast with basic tools and supplies can carry out. Those include repointing failing mortar, patching concrete and resurfacing pitted and worn sidewalks, slabs or driveways.

A qualified masonry contractor can make sure your brickwork or concrete is in good condition, so it lasts longer and looks better. Some masonry repairs can be as simple as filling small cracks with caulk or applying a fresh coat of paint to an old, faded brick surface. Other repairs can be more serious, such as repairing cracked or crumbling foundations, restoring brick bulging due to corrosion and resurfacing uneven pavers.

One of the benefits of having a masonry project completed by a professional is that the work will be guaranteed. Many masonry companies offer warranties on their work, and this is a great way to ensure that you get your money’s worth.

Masonry can provide a long-lasting, attractive look for any exterior space. In addition, masonry structures are usually quiet and able to absorb sound. Some masonry contractors can also create custom retaining walls and patios, which can add curb appeal and value to your property. It is important to hire a reputable masonry company, so you can be confident that your project will be completed on time and within budget.


Waterproofing is the process of making an object or structure resistant to the penetration of moisture, or more specifically, a liquid. This is accomplished by installing a barrier around an item, or sealing an opening. Waterproofing is used for a variety of items including buildings, boats and more. There are two main types of waterproofing methods: interior and exterior. Interior waterproofing is generally recommended for concrete or structurally sound masonry walls, while exterior methods are usually preferred for new construction. Both options are available from reputable waterproofing companies in Avenel, NJ.

Choosing the right waterproofing system for your home or business depends on the amount of water leaks or flooding you have experienced and the condition of your foundation, drainage systems and other components. A specialist can advise you on the best solution based on your budget, site conditions, construction materials, timeline and desired level of protection.

Basement waterproofing in Avenel, NJ, offers a number of benefits, including protecting the home from water damage, preventing mold growth, converting the basement into a livable space and increasing the value of the house. The cost of basement waterproofing varies depending on the size of the basement, whether there is existing damage, the type of basement wall, the condition of the sump pump and other factors.

Masonry contractors in Avenel can build beautiful and functional stone or brick patios for homes, restaurants and other businesses. They can also create and repair walkways, structural walls and other structures that are made of brick, concrete or stones. Many masonry contractors specialize in specific types of construction, while others work on all kinds of projects. Some masons work on commercial projects, while others focus on residential ones.

A masonry contractor can build a beautiful outdoor fireplace or a brick pizza oven that will be the centerpiece of your backyard. They can also install a concrete or stone sidewalk that will lead to your front door. They can also build stone walls to separate your driveway from your yard or to designate a space for planting trees and flowers.

Chimney Repair

A brick or stone chimney adds charm and a touch of class to a home. It also increases its value. However, it’s important to ensure that your chimney functions properly and is safe for use. Chimneys require regular maintenance and inspections to keep them in good working condition and to prevent water penetration, which can damage the lining and cause a fire.

A masonry chimney is constructed of a variety of materials, including brick, mortar, concrete block, stone, flue tile and cast iron. These materials are subjected to extreme heat, stress and moisture, which can deteriorate them over time. Exposure to water can accelerate this deterioration and create problems, such as cracks in the chimney lining that expose the combustible elements within the chimney to fire. Water penetration also leads to the freeze-thaw cycle, in which water that has penetrated the materials periodically freezes and expands, causing additional stress. This can lead to further deterioration and leaks.

The chimney crown is a protective cover that prevents rainwater from directly entering the chimney. If the chimney crown is cracked, deteriorated or improperly constructed, it provides an entry point for water, which can damage the chimney structure and lead to leaks. The flashing is a metal strip installed at the point where the chimney meets the roof to form a watertight seal. If the flashing is damaged, deteriorated or improperly fitted, it fails to protect against water penetration, which can damage the roof and lead to chimney leaks.

Stone walls and patios add elegance and beauty to your home, as well as increasing its value. A masonry specialist can help you design and build the perfect wall, walkway or patio to complement your home and your landscape. They can even create a stunning stone accent to your driveway or garden.

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