Landscape Lighting – Enhance Your Curb Appeal and Increase Your Home’s Value

Landscape contractors design outdoor spaces and implement lawn, garden and hardscaping plans. They can also plant and maintain trees, shrubs and flowers.

Illuminate your backyard with North Edison landscape lighting to enjoy the outdoors after dark. Adding landscape lights also increases your home’s value and safety.

Enhance Your Curb Appeal

Home landscape lighting is one of the most effective ways to enhance your curb appeal. It can make your home stand out from other properties in the neighborhood, and it can even increase its value when you’re ready to sell it.

When designing your landscape lighting, consider which aspects of your property you want to highlight. For example, if you have a large tree with an impressive canopy, lighting it can draw attention to its size and beauty. Similarly, a pool can look spectacular when it’s well-lit.

Your driveway is another area that can benefit from a little extra lighting. Not only will it help drivers see the path better, but it can also make your home look more welcoming after dark. Additionally, if you have a paved driveway made of materials such as pavers or bricks, lighting them can showcase their colors and patterns at night.

You can also use your landscape lights to light up your walkways, patios, and other outdoor spaces. This can make them safer to use at night and prevent people from tripping or falling. Additionally, if you have stairs or uneven areas in your yard, lighting them up can make them easier to navigate.

It’s important to note that you should avoid over-lighting your property. If you spotlight too many elements, your lawn will have a hospital operating room-like appearance. Instead, you should focus on highlighting the things that make your garden special, such as the beautiful blooms of your flowers or the feathery fronds of your Foxtail Palm.

Another great thing about landscape lighting is that it can be used throughout the year. This means that you can enjoy it during the summer nights and even in the winter when your garden is at its most vibrant.

If you’re looking to add some extra pizazz to your home, installing landscape lighting is an easy and affordable way to do it. It’s worth the investment because it will instantly boost your curb appeal and increase your property’s value. In addition, it’s a safe and practical addition to your property, making it more attractive to potential buyers.

Add Value to Your Home

A well-landscaped garden is a big selling point for many home buyers. But, it’s not enough to simply add plants and shrubs around your house. You need to make sure that your landscape lighting is up to par as well. Adding exterior lighting increases your home’s value by extending its livable space into the evening hours, and it also improves the curb appeal of your property. Having a well-lit garden tells prospective home buyers that the current homeowners cared about the outdoor living spaces and they are in good shape for the next owners to continue to maintain.

The most important part of a home’s landscaping is the front yard. Buyers often decide whether to make an offer on a home in the first few seconds of looking at it. And, a gorgeous landscape is a key to increasing a home’s value and getting it sold quickly. But, if that beautiful landscaping disappears at night, it’s not going to do you any favors when it comes time to sell.

This is why the best way to get your landscape lights to help you increase your home’s value is by having a professional design and install them for you. An experienced landscaping company can show you the difference that lighting makes to your home and then design a system for you that is both functional and appealing.

For example, if you have an architectural feature that is the centerpiece of your landscape, an expert can use different techniques to highlight it. This can include silhouetting, washing, and shadowing, all of which can help a landscape feature stand out.

Another important aspect of a good landscape lighting design is safety. This can be achieved through welcoming lighting at the garage or driveway entrance, as well as unobtrusive lighting in plant beds and trees.

If you’re ready to learn more about how exterior landscape lighting can enhance your home and improve its value, contact Quality Maintenance and Landscape today. They’ve been serving the needs of residents in North Edison for years and have a reputation for honesty, friendliness, and quality work. Their services range from landscape improvement and mulch installation to hedge trimming and stump grinding.

Enjoy Your Backyard During the Night

Adding landscape lighting will not only transform your property’s nighttime appearance and wow visitors, but it will also increase the enjoyment you get out of your backyard during the evening hours. If you love to entertain and host parties, a well-lit outdoor space will allow your guests to continue enjoying your yard even after the sun goes down.

A talented landscaping service can suggest the best way to highlight special features of your yard or garden with the right light fixtures, bringing out their beauty and creating a sense of drama at night. They can help you choose the right type of lighting to create the look you want and provide options for control and maintenance so your lights always work properly and are easy to manage.

You may already have a few favorite trees or flowers in your yard that look stunning during the day. Landscape lighting will give you the chance to enjoy them in the dark as well, illuminating their unique features and colors. Whether you opt for uplights that shine down into trees and shrubs or soft, twinkle lights strung across the patio, your yard will be a delight to visit after dark.

Many homeowners are surprised to learn that their yard and garden can be as beautiful at night as they are during the day. The best part is that you’ll be able to continue enjoying your yard and garden after the sun goes down, giving you more time to relax or play with your family in the backyard.

The addition of landscape lighting will also enhance your property’s safety, making it easier to move around your yard and home after the sun goes down. From guiding your guests with walkway lights to brightly lit steps and uneven areas that will make it easier to avoid falling or getting hurt, landscape lighting can have a huge impact on the safety of your yard at night.

If you’re ready to add some landscape lighting to your home in North Edison, NJ, call Quality Maintenance and Landscape today. Their team of professionals has years of experience working with residents of North Edison, delivering reliable lawn improvement, flowerbed mulching, sod installation and more to help your property look its best. They also offer tree trimming and stump grinding services to ensure your property looks its best all year round.

Increase Your Home’s Safety

Home landscape lighting not only enhances the look of your property at night but it also increases safety. Properly placed lights help deter criminals, especially since they make it harder for burglars to hide in the shadows. They can also illuminate tripping hazards like steps, bushes and walkways so that family members and guests can avoid them and prevent injuries.

Homeowners who are planning on selling their home in the future can use lighting to increase their property’s value. When a potential buyer sees your well-lit outdoor spaces, they will be more likely to consider buying your home. Professional lighting experts can help you determine what type of lighting is best suited for your property, where the fixtures should be placed to achieve the desired effect and ensure that they are properly installed so that they will last.

With proper lighting, your back yard can become a place to entertain guests and enjoy the company of friends after the sun goes down. Lights can be used to highlight your pool or hot tub, as well as the architectural features of your home and even accentuate trees or other plants in your garden. They can also be used to highlight any walkways or stairs on your property so that family members and guests can navigate them safely at night.

A poorly lit backyard can be a dangerous place at night, especially for children and pets who may not be able to see any obstacles or tripping hazards that could result in injury. Adding lights to your property’s walkways, staircases and plant beds is an easy way to improve safety and allow you to enjoy your backyard at any time of the day or night.

Quality Maintenance and Landscape landscape lighting can help homeowners in the North Edison area illuminate their homes, patios and decks. We offer a wide range of lighting options, from simple wall lanterns to more elaborate landscape lighting. Our team is happy to help you with design and layout assistance as well. To learn more about how home landscape lighting can add to your property’s appeal, contact us today.

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